ceramic brake pads

ceramic brake pads compared to other types of brake pads has the following advantages:
(1) The biggest difference between the ceramic brakes with traditional brake pads is not metal. The main traditional brake film metal friction materials, braking force, but the wear and tear, but also prone to noise. After the installation of ceramic brake pads, in normal driving, will not produce the exception of shouting (ie, scraping a cracking sound). Ceramic brakes that the film does not contain metal components, so we avoid the conventional metal brake pads and matching parts (brake pads and brake discs) friction between the metal din cry.
(2) stable coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction is the friction material is the most important performance indicators, the relationship between brake pads braking ability is good or bad. Generate heat due to friction in the braking process, the operating temperature increased, the brake friction material is affected by temperature, the friction coefficient began to fall. In practical applications, will reduce friction, thereby reducing the braking effect. Immature ordinary brake pad friction material, the coefficient of friction is too high to cause the direction of the braking process out of control, burning piece scratch brakes on unsafe factors. Even if the brakes of the high temperature reached 650 degrees, the coefficient of friction of ceramic brake pads are still 0.45-0.55, to ensure the vehicle has good braking performance.
(3) ceramics have good thermal stability and low thermal conductivity, good wear resistance. Long-term use temperature of 1000 degrees, this feature allows the ceramic may be suitable for high-performance requirements of a variety of high-performance brake materials to meet the brake pads high-speed, secure, high wear resistance technical requirements.


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